Title X- Part C McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program

The purpose of the Title X-part C-McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program is to ensure that each child of a homeless individual and each homeless youth has equal access to the same free, appropriate public education, including a public preschool education, as provided to other children and youth.


The Marshall County Homeless Plan for Children and Youth is based on the guidelines
established by the Alabama State Department of Education.  The plan is designed to
ensure that all services are administered in compliance with the McKinney-Vento
Homeless Assistance Act.  A homeless survey is given to principals, counselors, and
registrars each year to identify all homeless children.  The homeless survey is available in
Spanish and English so that the document can be completed in the language of the family.  Children identified as homeless will be provided assistance with school supplies, medical needs, clothing,
etc. based on need. 

The enrollment of homeless children shall not be denied or delayed due to any of the following

  • Lack of birth certificate

  • Lack of school records or transcripts

  • Lack of immunization of health records

  • Lack of proof of residency

  • Lack of transportation

  • Guardianship or custody requirements

A temporary identification number can be obtained through the Central Office. 


Homeless children and youth are those who:

Lack a fixed, regular and/or adequate residence; or
Have a primary nighttime residence that is:
Shared housing with other persons due to the loss of housing, economic hardship, or 
similar reason: are living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or campgrounds due to the 
lack of alternative adequate accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional 
shelters; are abandoned in hospitals; or awaiting foster care placement.

A public or private place not designed for or ordinarily used as regular sleeping 
accommodations for human beings (within the meaning of Section 103(a)(2)(c);

In automobiles, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, 
bus or train stations or similar settings; and

Related to migratory children (as such term is defined in Section 1309 of the ESEA
of 1965) who qualify as homeless for the purpose of this subtitle because the children
are living in circumstances described in clauses (a) through (c).


The records of the homeless child/youth shall be maintained in the same manner as
those of other students.  Records shall be maintained in a manner consistent with the
Protection of the Rights and Privacy of Parents and Students, of the General Education
Act.  If a homeless child/youth transfers to another location, records will be transferred
in a timely manner.


Pursuant to the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as
amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the McKinney-Vento Homeless
Education Act of 2001, all homeless children must have equal access to the same free
appropriate public education, including public preschool education, provided to other
children and youth.  Such children will be provided the opportunity to meet the same
challenging state content and state student performance standards to which all students
are held without being stigmatized or isolated.

Services provided to Homeless Children and Youth will be comparable to those services
offered to other students in the school system, including educational services for which
the child/youth meets the eligibility criteria.  Educational services will include but not be
limited to programs for the disadvantaged, programs for the handicapped, programs for
students with limited English proficiency, programs in career/technical education,
programs for the academically gifted and talented, Title I services, and school meal


Homeless children and youth are entitled to the same rights and protections including
due process, afforded to other students in the Marshall County School System.

Homeless Liaison Contact Information:

Mrs. Kim Morrow 

Informational Pamphlets

Pamphlets - Spanish and English - McKinney Vento.pdf