Strategic Plan

Marshall County Schools Strategic Plan

Using results from surveying over 1,600 people within Marshall County Schools, the following financial priorities were recognized:


  • Provide a secure and safe environment for students and staff

  • Seek to increase resources for arts and gifted education, i.e., music, art, and drama; STEM education

  • Update buildings and facilities

  • Fund additional technology for classroom use

  • Seek to fund additional teacher units to lower class size

  • Seek additional sources of revenue

  • Update bus fleet with advanced safety features

  • Strengthen partnerships and grant opportunities with post-secondary institutions in a joint effort to provide a seamless transition for students

  • Increase partnerships with local business and industry

A Strategic Plan was developed by a cross-functional team and proposed the following Mission, Vision and Beliefs:


Marshall County Schools: Expect, Empower, Excel


Marshall County Schools will be an exemplary learning community enriched with staff and students whose high expectations have empowered them to excel.


In order to inspire students for lifelong success, Marshall County Schools’ students, faculty, and staff believe that:

  • Safety is always first - our schools should be safe and secure learning environments

  • Respect of self and others is critical to success

  • Children are the first priority and are expected to take ownership of their learning

  • All students deserve the highest quality education possible

  • Our educators make the critical difference in student achievement

  • High quality instruction is critical to student success

  • Parental and community involvement enhances learning and academic achievement

  • All students can learn

  • Extracurricular activities enhance student development, employability skills, and positively impacts school culture

  • Effective integration of technology offers opportunities for our students to be successful in a global society

Stakeholder measures to determine quality of education provided:

  • Students enrolled in higher education and/or placed in successful employment 

  • Graduation rates 

  • Provide feedback from parents and students

  • Report cards and progress reports

  • Test scores, student data, and state rankings

Successful MCS graduates will possess:

  • Respect for others and self

  • A minimum of one college and career ready indicator that prepares them for post-secondary education (without the need for remediation) entry and/or transition directly to the workplace

  • Knowledge of essential job-related skills such as respect, punctuality, initiative, work ethic, teamwork, and being polite

  • Life skills(e.g., problem solving, critical thinking, direction following); applying academic skills to real life scenarios

  • Proficiency in math, reading and writing skills

  • Financial maturity and responsibility

The following strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats were identified for Marshall County Schools:


  • SRO’s enhancing safety in schools

  • Good stewardship of limited resources and funding

  • When compared to systems of similar demographics, our system ranks in the top 5 in the state

  • Increased input from students, parents and staff

  • Increased communication and transparency from the Superintendent’s office

  • Dedicated Staff

  • Highly qualified teachers

  • Achievement test scores above the state average and/or improving in some areas

  • Extensive focus on special populations

  • Career center offerings/opportunities

  • Expanding preschool program

  • Business and industry partnerships

  • Community support

  • Improved graduation rate

  • Technology infrastructure and classroom integration

  • PST’s working to provide collaboration

  • Partnerships with Snead State

  • Dual enrollment offerings

  • Parental involvement

  • Respectful student population

  • Varied course offerings

  • Activities/sports targeting diverse population

  • Awareness of challenges and openness to new ideas


  • Building character and responsibility skills in students

  • Developing critical thinking skills in all PK-12 students

  • Providing newest technology to enhance instruction

  • Continue to place highly motivated teachers in every classroom

  • Preparing students for college and/or a career

  • Improving instruction to provide authentic learning experiences


  • Consistent, quality instruction

  • Funding (technology, athletic facilities, additional teaching units)

  • Use of results to inform instruction

  • Student/teacher attendance

  • Lack of student confidence in abilities and vision for the future

  • More/early exposure to career options

  • Finding quality substitute teachers

  • Lack of student/staff initiative among some

  • Lack of consistency in discipline

  • Some teachers have low expectations for students

  • Funding to expand course offerings

  • Rapid increase of non-English speaking students in upper grades

  • Poverty level trends within feeder patterns

  • Lack of support system in some homes

  • Lack of student/staff/parental accountability among some

  • Student achievement below average in some areas

  • Five school systems in one county

  • Finding ways to market the strengths of school system


  • Build cooperation/understanding with commissioners/legislators

  • Expansion of career tech programs

  • Secure grants for system needs

  • Develop fundraising foundation

  • Utilization of available technology

  • Build additional business partnerships

  • Expand Project Literacy to K-12

  • Expand Project Graduation to all high schools


  • Lack of and/or inconsistent yearly funding

  • External political interference in system operations and unfunded mandates

  • Annexing of cities within the county

  • Raiding of Education Trust Fund at state level

  • Charter/virtual school option

  • Break down of the family structure

  • Lack of understanding of education from those outside education


  1. Provide educational opportunities resulting in responsible, self-motivated citizens who are critical thinkers prepared for college and/or careers. 

    1. Provide opportunities that allow students to collaborate and communicate using critical thinking, organization, and problem solving activities.

    2. Develop essential life skills by providing real-life, hands-on, authentic learning experiences, which include reading, writing and math. 

    3. Model, teach, and expect character, integrity, and good citizenship at all levels (students and staff).  

    4. Enrich learning experiences for students to responsibly utilize technology for educational success, including responsible use of social media.  

Key Performance Indicators:  Curriculum audit, lesson plans, student work samples, student/public surveys, evaluations using

up-to-date assessment system and effectively use data to determine activities in the classroom.  

  1. Provide opportunities that promote student success through communication, partnerships, and relationships with an engaged community.

    1. Provide welcoming opportunities for involvement among all stakeholders. 

    2. Increase the number and scope of community partnerships to meet the current workforce and economic development needs.

    3. Disseminate information on a consistent basis through varied communication means.

Key Performance indicators:  Survey results, number of community partnerships, types of communication traced.

  1. Continue to recruit, hire, train, and retain personnel who are highly motivated and empowered to provide instruction aimed at student success.

    1. Develop a strategic recruiting plan.

    2. Establish clear expectations for all employees.

    3. Provide job-embedded and/or strategic professional development for employees that is aligned to individual strengths and weaknesses, including but not limited to teachers observing other teachers.  

    4. Enhance current climate and culture to promote retention through a collaborative and supportive work environment. 

Key Performance indicators:   Number of PD opportunities, student data, discipline data, number of qualified applicants, retention rates, job descriptions, surveys, Educator Effectiveness

  1. Demonstrate fiscal responsibility through an efficient use of funds

    1. Promote growth of operating reserve in support of additional teaching units.

    2. Maintain required fund balances. 

    3. Continue to provide up-to-date technology

    4. Develop and implement a structural facilities management system in order to maintain, update and provide a safe environment conducive to learning.

    5. Develop a plan to obtain funding for the purchase of additional buses.

Key Performance Indicators:  Budget, implementation of additional teaching units, technology inventory, Virtual Alabama, Safety Plan

  1. Maintain a comprehensive support system that enhances student development and achievement.  

    1. Model, teach, and expect character integrity and good citizenship.  

    2. Enhance counseling and support services for students and staff.

    3. Enhance public relations to tell the story of Marshall County Schools.

Key Performance Indicators:  Discipline report, surveys, support services, attendance, public relations messages, number of outlets used to disseminate public relations messages

  1. Maintain a comprehensive safety plan which includes multi-agency collaborative planning and training programs.

6.1 Plan a local cross-agency safety meeting with Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Probation Office, Marshall County Schools Supervisors, Principals, and Superintendent.

6.2 Provide a local PLU for local school principals and other administrators which involves ongoing facility and tactical assessments, safety training and updates to safety plans.

6.3 Seek to obtain additional funding to implement tactical and facility safety upgrades.

6.4 Seek to implement a Peer Helper Program to address the many stresses our youth face, providing student leaders with the training and tools to help their peers with issues of bullying, suicide prevention, death of a family member.

6.5 Maintain an automated call system for student absences.

Key Performance Indicators:  Collaborative meetings, local superintendent approved PLU’s, grant opportunities, state initiatives, peer helper programs, data from call system

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