PLU Opportunities

What is a PLU?

A Professional Learning Unit (PLU) is a content driven, long-term unit of professional study for instructional leaders that fully addresses all knowledge and ability indicators under an Alabama Standard for Instructional Leaders.  Professional study that constitutes a PLU requires multiple professional development experiences over time and will always be aligned with the Alabama Standards for Professional Development in Rule 290-4-3-.01(3).  A PLU is earned at the completion of professional study which fully addresses the knowledge and ability indicators under an Alabama Standard for Instructional Leaders.  The professional study must include comprehensive coverage and evaluation of effectiveness in the school setting.  Professional study that earns a PLU must be approved either by the Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD) or approved by the local superintendent.  The PLU will take the place of the continuing education unit (CEU) which is based on seat time at one event rather than the development of knowledge and ability over time.


Who is affected?

All educators electing to maintain their instructional leader certification. 

Anyone seeking to renew an instructional leader certification must earn PLUs, regardless of his/her position, title, or place of employment. 


What are the requirements for earning a PLU?

Educators electing to maintain instructional leader certification must earn five PLUs over a five-year certification cycle.

  • At least two PLUs must be earned from ACLD approved professional studies
  • Two PLUs may be earned from an LEA approved professional study
  • The fifth PLU may be earned from professional studies approved by either the ACLD or the LEA.

The Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD) is an advisory group of practitioners to the SDE Office of Leadership and Evaluation. 



Certificate Valid Period

Minimum PLU Required

Maximum CEUs Allowed







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